Finally get more of the sleep you crave

The Rest Reset is an online course for sleep-deprived mamas teaching you how to transform your relationship with rest in just 4 simple steps.

What if instead of feeling exhausted and drained, you could fall asleep faster (and actually stay asleep) and wake up finally feeling rested?

With The Rest Reset, there's no need to guzzle coffee to get you through your day. Say goodbye to restless nights tossing and turning in bed, trying desperately to fall back asleep.

In this quick digital course, you'll learn how to get more sleep in 4 simple steps in just 7-days (or less)!.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your so damn tired but when your head finally hits your pillow you cant seem to fall asleep? 
  • Juggling multiple midnite wakings, from nursing to sleep regressions, is leaving you feeling cranky & exhausted.
  • You're so sleep-deprived that it's hard to focus and function during the day.
  • You guzzle coffee to get going and wine at night to wind down.
  • All you want is MORE sleep zzz!

What if there was a way to get more sleep so you finally feel rested?

That's exactly why I created The Rest Reset! To help you fall asleep faster, manage midnite wakings, and finally feel like yourself again.

So if you're ready for more sleep in just 4 simple enroll now!

More Sleep in Just 4-Steps

The Rest Reset is an online course loaded with lessons and helpful guidebooks to help you restore your sleep in 4-steps in just 7-days.

Right now you're struggling to get the sleep you crave and NEED to function.

You're so damn tired, but you can't seem to shut off the chatter keeping you up at night. You're up multiple times a night, nursing, dealing with teething, sleep regressions, boggy monsters... and it feels like by the time you FINALLY fall asleep, your dreaded alarm goes off in the morning.

You feel foggy, cranky, and tired during the day because you're just not getting enough rest.

Imagine, sipping a cup of warm tea, slowly unwinding and releasing tension. Falling into a deep restful sleep. Rolling gently out of bed, feeling clear-headed, grounded, and calm. Sigh. 

Mama, I want this for you. And that's why I created The Rest Reset! So that in just 4 simple steps you can be getting more of the sleep you crave.

Hi! I'm Beth Sachnoff

I'm a Clinical Herbalist & Educator and mama of two wild little girls. I help overwhelmed mamas slow down and connect with themselves within the chaos of parenthood. While supporting mamas & experiencing my own post-partum sleepless haze, I recognized how common sleep-deprivation is... and not just during the first few months of parenting a newborn. The mamas in my practice were chronically exhausted, overwhelmed, cranky & struggling to get the sleep they craved. And so was I! So I turned to the plants & principles of herbalism to nourish myself, create new restoring rituals, and get more sleep. Soon I was falling asleep with ease, getting back to sleep quickly after midnite nursing sessions, and waking up feeling rested. These same holistic strategies, which helped me (and many mama clients) get more sleep are exactly what I teach in The Rest Reset! I wanted to share this system that I know will help you get more of the sleep you need, so you can finally feel like your vibrant self again.


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What You Get Inside

The Rest Reset

  • 5 Herbs for Sleep

    My top 5 herbs for supporting restful sleep and how to best work with them.

  • 4-Step Rest Reset Process

    My simple and quick process to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up rested.

  • Drop Dosage Strategy

    A specific method for working with plants to help you fall asleep faster & get back to sleep quicker after sleep interruptions.

  • Checklist for Staying on Track

    A checklist to keep you on track after a night of shitty sleep to help you feel more calm, clear-headed, and confident that sleep is just around the corner.

  • The Rest Reset Guide

    A step by step guide & action guide to follow so you have a clear visual plan to implement.

  • List Top Sleep Disruptors

    A list of 5 things to avoid, that may be killing your sleep.


  • 1


  • 2

    MODULE 1: 4-Steps to More Sleep

    • 4 Steps of the Rest Reset

    • 4 Steps of the Rest Reset_Audio

    • The_Rest_Reset_Workbook

    • Sweet_Sleep_Tips

  • 3

    MODULE 2: Herbs for Sleep

    • Herbs for Sleep

    • Herbs for Sleep_Audio

  • 4

    MODULE 3: A Plan for Shitty Sleep

    • What to Do After a Shitty Night's Sleep

    • Download - Your Plan for Shitty Sleep

    • Post Course Sleep Assessment & Reflection


  • I'm nursing, co-sleeping, in the middle of a sleep regression with my kiddo...will this work for me?

    I created The Rest Reset with mamas in mind. That means you can implement the main framework so you can get more sleep and pick up new strategies for navigating interrupted sleep.

  • I'm super busy juggling all the things. How long will this take?

    I hear ya! That's why I created a simple 4-step process to help you get more sleep in just 7-days. There are even audio versions of the lessons so you can listen and learn while doing dishes or running errands. The Rest Reset framework can be incorporated into your day in no time!

  • How long do I have access to the content?

    You have life-time access! This means you can go back, watch, and implement at any time.

  • I'm brand new to herbal medicine. Is this for me?

    YES! No previous experience working with herbs is necessary. Although, if you're already working with them this is still for you! I'll teach you how to best work with herbs to help you get more sleep.

  • Are you going to tell me I can't drink coffee?

    NO. You can keep your morning cup of joe!

  • Is there a refund policy?

    Since this is a digital self-paced course, there are no refunds offered after purchase.

  • I've got a question, who should I contact?

    For any other questions, you can reach me directly at

Ready for More Sleep?

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Praise for Beth

Instant Relaxation

- K. S

"I was struggling with unwinding & getting enough good sleep. While working with Beth, I began drinking a nighttime tea blend that instantly relaxes my mind + body. I fall asleep quickly most nights. Now I have better, more consistent sleep. I start off from a calmer, stronger place because I'm more rested."

Easing Chronic Insomnia

- A. A

"Beth helped me ease an ongoing struggle I have with insomnia. She looked at many factors in my day-to-day life and provided tinctures and teas that gave me overall support. I would recommend Beth's service to anyone who needs a new perspective improving their health in a holistic way."

A Plan for Getting Back on Track

- L. W

"When I started working with Beth I felt completely chaotic, like I was unable to take care of my basic needs: eating, drinking, sleeping. Working with Beth was the encouragement I needed to begin prioritizing healthy practices that have now become routine. The support is very powerful. Now I have a go-to protocol for getting back on track during a chaotic time."

Herbal Magic, They Really Work!

- T. P

" Beth’s action plans are genius and transformative. They help give me structure so I feel less overwhelmed and anxious because I have a clear plan to follow. Plus, Beth’s herbal remedies are like magic, and they work!"

A Night of Deep Sleep

- M. D

" I'm so glad I discovered Wild Child Apothecary. The Sweet Sleep Tincture actually helped me have a night of deep sleep and resolve my night wakings over time."

Back to the Basics

- E. L

" As a busy mom battling a chronic health condition, I felt overwhelmed when it came to prioritizing my wellbeing. Beth deftly zeroed in on critical deficiencies that were holding me back from feeling my best. Her individualized action plan was easy to follow and adopt into my daily life, and I quickly saw how much better my days were when I was taking care of the basics."

So how does this work?

  1. Click the button to purchase & enroll in The Rest Reset.
  2. Check your inbox for a link from our course platform.
  3. Get instant access to watch, learn + implement, and finally start getting more sleep! 
  4. You have life-time access to all course lessons, workbooks & plans.

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